In addition to my photography services, I offer a variety of workshops. 

Speed up Your Workflow Workshop . 

If you want to learn to cull a wedding in 30 minutes & color correct in a really fast & efficient manner, I offer mentoring sessions. You will be using PhotoMechanic & Lightroom. $200 for 2 hour session. For additional $50 you can a get critique at a different time on how to speed up your work flow after you have some time to practice.

Basic Portrait Retouching in Photoshop. 

I will show you the main tools to enhance your photos by removing unwanted objects, cloning, healing. I will teach you how to liquify in a way that it looks natural. I will show you the fundamentals of non-destructive editing using masks. If you come with the knowledge of layers, you will get more out of this workshop. $300 for 3 hours. 

Archiving & Back Up Workshop

I will show you the best practices that I have used in my business over 10 years of photographing. I will teach you how to organize your photos, how to keep track of what work you have in progress & how to archive & have multiple backups on-site & off site. $300

Same service is available for families that want to learn on how to keep the digital files & images safe, how to archive photos from phones etc. $200 for 3 hours. 

Please note: software is not included in your purchase of mentoring. This is the fee for the instruction time only. 


Second shooting/Interns/Photographers

If you need a second photographer or an assistant for a wedding or any other kind of event, consider my services. Color correction of up to 800 pictures is available at an additional rate of $200. 

If you would like to be MY second photographer, please email me your resume, link to portfolio, list of equipment you use (or know how to use) and desirable rate per hour. If you would like to intern, please, email your resume(portfolio if you have it) and a description why you would like to intern for me & what you would like to achieve. 

If you are a photographer that needs pictures of yourself & your family, contact me & we might trade photo sessions. 

Editing A La Carte.

Culling of 1500-2000 images to 700-800, classic color correction and minor retouching, 50bw images, 30 images for blog(collages) - $300

Album design(1 correction at no charge) - 20 pages $80.

For models.

I'm willing to work time-for-print ONLY IF you have good ideas for a photo shoot. If you are starting out & want a photographer to invest their time & talent, please, invest yours first and create a good idea, props, locations etc. Make me believe you deserve an awesome start :)

Every model signs a model release & gets about 20-30 pictures via downloadable gallery. Pictures can only be used for portfolio & self-advertising purposes, not for any kind of sale and I will retain the copyright. 


For group workshop rates, contact me. xoxo