Why are you a photographer?

My mission is to make a contribution to the world by producing high-quality emotional photography & inspire others. The utmost purpose of my art is to help people discover beauty within themselves & gain self-acceptance.

I use my creativity & innovative technologies to rethink photography art, to spread love & save memories for future generations.

How long have you been a photographer? How did you decide to become a photographer?

I've been a photographer since 2007. Starting in 2008 my photographs have been on covers of Chattanooga Parent Magazine. And since then my work was published in a bunch of print & online magazines. 

I think subconsciously I knew that photography will be a great part of my life when I was 5 or 6 when I would watch my dad merge photo paper in the special mixture of chemicals & then the paper would turn into people’s smiles. And he would hang all of the pictures & I would just sit on the floor mesmerized watching the paper dry. That’s how it all started.

We love your Services & your Portfolio. Your work is gorgeous! What makes you so different from all other photographers?

I have my own style & I have a different approach. I love the good lighting, natural posing, expressive candids. My style is a neat mixture of documentary style & posed fashion shots that deserve to be on your wall enlarged to 20x30 acrylic print that looks like a piece of art. 

I have experience & knowledge of how camera works, how to make it work in different situation, how to do it fast {I need to be fast at your wedding to capture all the special moments!}, how to make the angle work & take the best out of the light! I know that your wedding is unique & I will do everything to save it in photographs! 

Nowadays everyone who invested into a $3k camera thinks that they are photographers (fauxtographers rather) just because the camera is expensive & “can take good pictures by itself”. {Let me be your caterer! I have an expensive stove!!! Yikes!}

I have experience, knowledge, expertise & passion. That’s why I’m different and YOU will get unique pictures. I promise you that.

This sounds great but it must be expensive… Will we be able to afford your services? Do you have discounts?

The thing is that I can accommodate YOUR needs. It's YOUR day & I'm there to serve YOU.

For weekend weddings we have a few packages that are $2100 to $4999 depending on what is included. I'm not being stuck at the packages though. there are a la carte options & you can customize everything so that you could get what YOU want. Even if your budget is slightly lower, don't hesitate to contact me - we just might work something out :) 

All of my pricing is very & very reasonable for the products that I offer. The stellar quality of my work speaks for itself. I'm an award winning photographer with multiple publications. 

Only occasionally at bridal shows, you'll see some limited time specials on my services. I also reward my constant clients & their relatives & friends with gift cards. Welcome to the club :] 

Are you going to have a second Photographer at my wedding?

90% of the weddings I photograph by myself. I might bring an assistant at my own discretion if I feel like I need some help. If you would like to have 2 photographers, you always have that option at an extra charge. Some packages include 2 photographers. Please contact me for a quote.

How long is 'All day' photography coverage?

10 hours or less. You will be able to have images from the very start of you getting ready (makeup & hair), all the way through the reception. Believe me, there's no advantage to having more hours than that! Sometimes there are circumstances that require more hours, just drop me a note & we'll talk.

Do you have back up equipment?

I have 250% of equipment needed for a wedding. I have 2 full frame cameras & a backup camera, a variety of fast lenses & lighting equipment & accessories. 

How many pictures do we get? 

That's a hard one :) It usually depends on the amount of time that you book & whether you have one or two photographers. The more time we have for pictures, the more pictures you get. I can't give an exact number. I don't count when I shoot. But all of the good pictures will be in the online gallery available to order within 2-4 weeks after the wedding. Example: last wedding I did I took about 1500 pictures, so did the other photographer(all day wedding). The newlyweds got about 1200 pictures on the USB drive & in their gallery online. For one photographer weddings do this math: 90 pictures x number of hours. That's seems a very common number. 

Do we get a flash-drive with all pictures? 

Yes, high-resolution images and images that are optimized to look best on Facebook. You also receive a print release. You will be able to print at the lab of your choice. However, I do recommend to contact me & use my professional lab for any prints that you want to have for your house that are larger than 8x10. I mean - you hired an artist to photograph your wedding!!! Do you need a 20x30 print for your living room? Contact me! Don't do to Walgreens. I will make sure it comes out correctly & as intended. 

I don't need any prints, I just need a flash drive with all the images... 

Yes, you do get digital files with any photography service I provide, but those files are just a bunch of useless pixels if you don't display your portraits, if you don't brag about them in a gorgeous album or show off a stunning print on metal hanging in your living room. I provide complimentary interior design consultations to make sure your prints look their best in your personal space whether it's an apartment or a house. I will show various ways to display your art. I promise, your mind will be blown. But yes, you do get the files, no worries :) 

Do you accept credit cards? And also, can we have a payment plan for our wedding?

Absolutely! I already had several couples opting for the payment plan & they were very happy! Credit cards are processed in person or via an electronic invoice. 3% processing fee is added to all credit card transactions. So the best way to pay is by check - you won't have any additional charges. 

May we see reviews from your clients?

Sure, check out our Testimonials page and Publications page for any accolades I have accumulated over the years. 


It looks like we got all the answers and everything sounds just like we would like it to be. What do we do next?

Please contact me & we will set up a date to meet to sign the contract & talk about the details of your wedding. OR I will email you the contract once you are ready to book & you can do everything online. About 50% of my couples don't want to have a meeting & prefer to secure their date as soon as they can. And I don't blame them! Look at the quality of my work!

To book your date we will both sign the contract whenever you are ready. 30% retainer is required to book your date. 

You can email me or call 423-834-0339 and leave a voicemail. Most of the times the phone is on silent because I’m photographing someone somewhere 



Victoria Mason 

Photo credits: Nelson Spitler, Amanda Ballard, the Morris family, Fabulous by Faires, Chad Trammell.